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Hello, my name is Frank and I guess you could say that I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I have owned two brick and mortar businesses. I sold them both and now I am a manager in a casino. It is a great job but, I always find myself thinking about owning my own business again.

Early Business Success

The businesses I owned were a floral shop and a mortgage brokerage. Both businesses were successful but, I always felt like having an online presence would take my businesses to the next level.

So, I taught myself HTML, which is the language of website creation. I put together a simple website thinking everyone would find it and use it to purchase products from me. Every day I would check my email looking for all the orders I just knew would be coming in due to my little website.

And, everyday I would become increasingly disappointed by the lack of any orders. I was confused because I knew other businesses were having online success. I just figured that having a website was all you needed to be successful online.

Years later, I learned that a website was just the first step in having a successful online business. There are things like Search Engine Optimization, marketing your website, and creating quality content among many other things that help you achieve online success. So, I started looking for help in learning these concepts and I found that help at Wealthy Affiliate.

Helping Small Businesses and Sales Professionals

There are many small businesses and sales professionals that have websites. But, I am sure they are getting little to no success with those sites.

An example would be real estate agents. Most real estate firms will enable their agents to have their own website to market the homes they have listed. In most cases, the only traffic they get on their website is through the ads they place in newspapers or industry magazines. Or, by passing out their business cards to prospective clients.

What if the real estate agent could get traffic to their site through search engine searches? And, when a person searched for a home online, the agent’s website ranked near the top of that search? Generating traffic through search engines is a great way to build online business success.

The goal of A Website Solution

My goal is to help professionals create an online presence and then turn that presence into a successful online business. I will help you learn Search Engine Optimization, keyword research, creating quality content and much more.

So, that is why I developed AWebsiteSolution.com. Please visit often to see what is new here at AWebsiteSolution!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Frank Catalano


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