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Now that I am working on two websites of my own, having good keywords are helping my websites get good rankings on the search engines. In my opinion, Jaaxy is the best keyword tool to use when doing keyword research.

Now, let me be totally honest with you. I had no idea what a keyword tool was until I started learning how to create websites. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even realize how important good keywords are to the success of a website.

Jaaxy - the best keyword tool - Google

So, how do keywords actually help a website become successful. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to a website. One of the ways is to have people do searches on a search engine such as Google. I am sure you have searched for things on Google or Bing or Yahoo.

When you did that search, I am sure you typed in a keyword or a search phrase. Once you hit search, results will come up on your screen. Usually the first couple of results are paid ads. Once you get past those, you will see actual results for the search you just did. The person doing the search will click on a couple of the results trying to find the product or info they were searching for. This is called getting organic traffic to you website.

Search Engine Rankings

It makes sense that you would want your website to rank on the first couple of pages. Very few people will go 10 pages deep when they search for products or information. So, how do you get your website to rank high in the search engines? It is imperative that you use good keywords in the articles on your website.

Jaaxy - the best keyword tool - google-bots

Not to get too technical but, the search engines will send bots to your site and the bots will evaluate the text in the articles you publish on your site.

The search engine will then index your website. The search engines like articles that are relevant and have good content. If you use quality keywords when writing your articles, you will get higher search rankings. The higher the ranking, the more organic traffic your website will receive. Remember, traffic equals success.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword tool used to search for high ranking keywords for a website. You try to find keywords with lower competition. The last thing you want to do is try and out rank 1000’s of websites.

Once you find some good keywords, you write an article for your website and focus on content that pertains to the keyword you chose. Here is an example: I wrote an article for one of my websites titled “Is a website important to succeed in business?” It is currently found in position 14 on page 2 in Google.

Jaaxy - the best keyword tool - google rank

With some tweaking of the article, I will be able to get this post to rank higher. Also, as more articles are written for this website, the rankings will improve. I found the keyword “Is a website important to succeed in business” by doing a keyword search in Jaaxy.

Why Jaaxy?

Of the several keyword tools I researched, Jaaxy provides the most features. And, it is most accurate in two important criteria when choosing keywords – how much traffic does it get and how much competition does it have.

You might have noticed in the paragraph above that the keyword I used had eight words in it. Most people use search phrases instead of single words. This is called a long tail keyword. You no longer search for “dog food”, this is too vague. Instead, you would search for “best dog food for German Shepherds”.

Besides searching for great keywords, Jaaxy can also tell you where you rank on search engines. As you find good keywords, Jaaxy enables you to save the keywords to lists which you can review at a later date. Jaaxy saves your search history so you can always go back to continue your searches. Jaaxy can help you brainstorm new keywords.

I am confident that after you have tried Jaaxy, you will also say that it is the best keyword tool on the internet today.

Which Jaaxy plan is right for you?

There are 3 different plans to choose from with Jaaxy.

  • Jaaxy Starter – Free
  • Jaaxy Pro – $19/month or $199/year
  • Jaaxy Enterprise – $49/month or $499/year

Choose the Jaaxy plan that fits your budget.

I, personally, use Jaaxy Pro. It has paid for itself in a very short time using it. Jaaxy has found some very good, low competition keywords that I have used to help my websites rank high on the search engines. Once my websites are really rocking, I will upgrade to Jaaxy Enterprise.

If you would like to test drive Jaaxy for yourself, type a keyword in the box below and see how your keyword ranks.

What are you waiting for? See what Jaaxy can do for your website!

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